How we can help

We help service providers such as Systems integrator, Application service provider, Telecom supplier and Data center provider, by delivering our support for their industry-specific issues including the sales of products/services, technology, and project management.

We offer a wide scope of support services ranging from Layer 1 for data center to Layer 3 for VPN.

Delivering technical support for telecommunications

Service Overview

Service Overview

Technical consulting for Telecom carriers and Data center providers

  • ・Support in designing, selecting, and building network (provider specifications)
  • ・Support in designing, selecting, and building data center (provider specifications)
  • ・Technical support for product marketing
  • ・Technical support during the sales of services

Sales support

  • ・Support when an overall recommendation including other companies’ products as well as its own products is required
  • ・Technical support in a meeting at a presale stage

Project support

  • ・Operational assistance as a Project Manager in the progress management of issues, and negotiations with customers or partners

Human resources development and Outsourcing

  • ・Support for IT human resources development according to client needs
  • ・Support for operations

Support for foreign companies in Japan

  • ・Assist setting up a company and recruiting
  • ・Introduce partners
  • ・IT consulting
  • ・Support for management/operations

Example of our work

A data center provider and system integrator

Client challenge

The company had started activities to propose data center solutions targeting foreign companies. As the experience they had was just for local companies, our client was struggling to know how to approach and propose solutions to foreign companies, and how to organize operations after winning a contract.


We found that the proposal prepared by the client in response to RFP (Requirements specifications) indicated that the client had not understood the required points. The client responded to the RFP with just a yes, taking an approach to compete on price alone.


We assessed the RFP in details and assisted our client to grasp the requirements. In addition, we recommended creating an organization that would be able to achieve the project by taking account of issues and possibilities expected to occur during the transition to implementation phase and operational phase.


We confirmed preliminary conditions for regular meetings, provided advices, and attended the regular meetings. As a result, we were able to contribute to winning the contract. We delivered our support to manage the project efficiently both in implementation and operational phases, by giving advices regularly and confirming preliminary conditions.

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