Contact us for free consultaion

We provide free consultation service for corporate customers and telecom suppliers.
Please feel free to consult us on any issues such as the implementation of telecom equipment or networks, technical support for your services, or sales support.
※We are available for free consultation on the phone or by a meeting for up to one hour in principle.
Please contact us for your appointment for free consultation to the e-mail address or at the phone number shown below.

Telephone &FAX::03-5213-4836

Process of free consultaion

You will consult us through the above contact number. (E-mail or FAX is also available).

We will select the best consultant for the issue consulted by you.

Our consultant handling your issue (or an appointed consultant) will contact you directly.

Fequently consulted issues

In case of corporations

  • ・We are planning to implement ERP at the corporate level. Is the WAN currently in use capable enough to support the plan? Where can we operate the server? Which carrier is the best for us?
  • ・As we expand our business, we are now looking for data centers in Tokyo and overseas. We have capabilities to build an infrastructure for contents but no experience to select a data center.
  • ・We are scheduled to move our office, so we would like to take this opportunity to establish an in-house wireless LAN. How can we sort out CAD data exchanges and a video conference system currently in use when we move?

In case of telecom suppliers

  • ・We have products to sell. But we have no idea that can be proposed as a comprehensive solution because every staff has a different degree of sales skills.
  • ・We have data center products. But we think now is the time when we need to combine network, IP-PBX, or other office LAN environments such as WiFi with our products to satisfy customer needs.

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