Image of consulting

"We may be able to talk about our current concern, anyway."
"We’re afraid of being charged just by explaining our problem."
"We may be able to get some good advice."
"We’d like to ask for consultation but it may cost a lot."

We have a similar image, too.
We are a small firm, not famous.So, clients are less likely to get in touch with us as a first consulting firm for them.
When we visited some of the clients, we were told that:

"We got an impression that they wanted to put us in a sort of conventional framework."
"We’ve received some advice but, at the end of the day, don’t know what action we should take next."
"Not sure how effective it was, because our distress has got worse than before."

It shouldn’t be that way!

General image of consulting

What is an ideal consulting service?

We believe a consulting service should be intended to deliver specific and useful advice or support that can meet clients’ business situations, while avoiding implementing any unworkable idea.

In other words:

What is an ideal consulting service?

Thinking from a neutral stance means being an independent firm

A consulting firm shouldn’t be an agency or a subsidiary, and not allowed to persuade its clients to buy some products or services of its own or the affiliated companies.

Having a sufficient track record means being deep in industry experience

For many years, we have worked in telecom carriers as engineers, acquiring a wealth of experience in various issues.

Capabilities to deliver specific advices

=We can provide solutions to our clients’ issues through our extensive business expertise.
We help our clients stay on a right track without worrying about their next approach.

Desirable consulting services

Our consulting policy 1

Well aware of our clients’ needs, we put our clients’ benefits first.

Policy on consulting

Please feel free to tell us about your needs from your viewpoint. You can ask for a quotation for free. This is because we can’t find any value in charging consulting fee just for setting goals or purposes.

We’ll study through our accumulated expertise and various information technologies to identify the best solutions for our clients.
We haven’t made any sales agency agreement with any company.
We won’t recommend any particular products or services aggressively.

We deliver the best solutions based on each client’s individual situation.

Our consulting policy 2

Our motto is taking a “neutral stance” and responding “rapidly”.

Policy on consulting

We think an impartial stance is necessary for consulting

To select services or products that fit clients’ needs, we believe the key is to make a decision based on their situation.
We are a sort of CIO outside the company, committed to giving technical assistance or consultation. We help achieve our clients’ benefit by working collaboratively with them.

We think speed is critical to consulting

The aim of consulting is to improve the current status into a “better” future.We believe a rapid transformation to a new environment can bring benefits to our clients. We deliver our support in an agile and precise approach not only for the implementation of products and services but also to verification and operation after the implementation.

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